Creating the “B-52 Cake” – Grocery Shopping

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I told you the 52nd cake was going to be epic, right? Three layers – each including a cookie inside a pie inside a cake, totaling 9 unique flavors, all held together with pounds of vanilla buttercream frosting. Well now I can start revealing all the plans as it all unfolds. Trust me, you’re going to want to stay tuned to this.

This thing will all those other attempts at “turducken cakes” out of the water. The diagrams and schematics are done, the list was made, the supplies are gathered, and the baking begins tomorrow. As each part is completed, I will continue to upload images, recipes and videos to keep you posted. My deadline to complete this project is Thursday. I anticipate a few sleepless nights, and having nightmares about cake when I do manage to get some shuteye. Thanks to my bestie Nick Guzman for braving the grocery store with me tonight and filming the phenomenal quantities (and cost) of the food required to create this monstrosity of a cake.

One last thing – make sure to tune into the Big Dumb Fun Show this Monday night, August 15 around 7:30 p.m. to hear an interview with me about the B-52 Cake!


Creating the B-52 Cake
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