The Final B-52 Cake: The REAL Turducken Cake

I did it. I finished a real Turducken cake. Not like the folks who do pie inside cake and stop there. Not like the folks who do a measly one or two layers of it. If you are at all impressed with this post, I beg of you to take a moment to please share it with friends, family, social networks and so on. It took me a full year to complete the Fifty-Two Cakes project in order to help pass the time while my husband is deployed, and it all culminated into this one monumental, expensive, difficult, time-consuming, disgusting, calorie-ridden, delicious work of art – and it would mean so much to me to see it shared for the world to see!

33-Pound Turducken Cake
33-Pound Turducken Cake

Final statistics:

  • Height: 10 inches
  • Width: 10 inches
  • Volume: 785 cubic inches
  • Weight: 33 pounds
  • Hours to Completion: 26
  • Full Buttercream Frosting Recipes: 4
  • Full Cake Recipes: 6
  • Full Pie Recipes: 3
  • Approx. # of standard-sized cookies: 18


More Information:

Creating the B-52 Cake – Chocolate Elvis Layer

I completed the baking portion of the B-52 cake tonight. I feel an overwhelming sense of relief, but I’m so exhausted that I can barely spell. Everything hurts, including my brain. I also managed to do the first layer of vanilla buttercream frosting on the Cinnamon Spice & Everything Nice Layer and the Classic Neopolitan Layer. Thankfully that went pretty smoothly and actually somewhat easier than frosting my normal-sized cakes – not entirely sure why. I have to frost the Chocolate Elvis Layer, then stack them all, and frost the entire thing.

I find myself really wishing I had more witnesses to the process. I don’t think that the final reveal will come anywhere close to indicating the amount of work that went into it. I don’t think anyone who hasn’t been in this kitchen with me the whole time could possibly understand the magnitude of this undertaking. I think I’m going to be completely underwhelmed when it’s all over, but maybe that’s the exhaustion talking.

Sorry the images aren’t in gallery form. An internal server error happened while I was inserting the gallery. I just don’t have the energy to re-upload and re-insert and re-optimize those images. I’ll do it later. Right now, I just desperately want to get out of this apron and scrub all the sugar and butter off of me. I’m sure you all understand.

I promise I’ll be much less grumpy and much more exuberant when it’s over. 🙂

B52 Cake - Two Cake Layers Frosted
B52 Cake - Two Cake Layers Frosted

B52 Cake - 4-Inch Deep Chocolate Elvis Layer
B52 Cake – 4-Inch Deep Chocolate Elvis Layer
B52 Cake - 10-inch Wide Chocolate Elvis Layer
B52 Cake – 10-inch Wide Chocolate Elvis Layer
B52 Cake - Chocolate Elvis Layer
B52 Cake – Chocolate Elvis Layer
B52 Cake - 10-Pound Chocolate Elvis Layer
B52 Cake – 10-Pound Chocolate Elvis Layer

Creating the B-52 Cake – Classic Neopolitan Layer

I only managed to squeeze in one cake layer today. I had to stir it by hand in a bowl because my KitchenAid stand mixer can’t handle a double cake recipe. It’s a little crispy on top from being in the oven so long to bake all the way through, but that part gets lopped up during the leveling stage – which is going to be a beast, no doubt.

The reason I could only squeeze one cake layer in today is because I had to stop by the Big Dumb Fun Show to spend some time with my favorite on-air personalities and answer some questions about the B-52 (Behemoth 52nd) cake! I’ll be sure to post links to the interview as soon as they become available. For now, enjoy the video of us pulling this layer out of the oven, and a few pics from the evening. I also added in a picture of the de-panned “Cinnamon Spice & Everything Nice” layer. It truly is a monolith!

Creating the “B-52 Cake” – Diagrams

My husband was kind enough to draw up these diagrams and schematics for the B-52 Cake. Hopefully this will help you envision the sheer level of awesome I’m about to create. I have also decided on the layers I will be making for this.

  • Chocolate Elvis Layer: Peanut Butter Cookie inside Banana Cream Pie inside Chocolate Cake
  • Classic Neopolitan Layer: Chocolate Chip Cookie inside Strawberry Pie inside Vanilla Bean Cake
  • Sugar & Spice & Everything Nice Layer: Oatmeal Raisin Cookie inside Apple Pie inside Carrot Cake


Creating the B-52 Cake
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